Sometimes I wish I had bluetooth inside my body directly connected to my devices. Also, wish there was an in-built camera in my eyes, I’d blink and it would store the image of what I was seeing, in fact – how I was seeing it, in a folder. I’d activate bluetooth by pulling my ear and it would send the file to my phone…

It would be so easy! I don’t like this process of transferring and editing and posting! C’mon technology! Anyway. From where I am sitting….

And from where I was standing…

Adding a little color and a little monochrome in my home. An inch at a time. <3

Photographing my heart. one of my biggest joys. I love taking pictures of people I love..and if the package is this beautiful, it becomes extra special.

Also, he loves to pose. He is super comfortable in front of the camera, I wish I was as easy to photograph! My friend, who is a pretty good photographer, tells me I am photogenic. I wish I had the confidence though to be as composed as Varun is .. and even my bestie Sonal is, in front of the camera.

I need my gin and tonic, these people are good right after their tea or coffee too!

Ok this I need to work on! COMPOSE AND POSE. In the meantime, let me keep sharing the portraits I have taken :D

I’m home..

and one of the most underrated joys.

A lot of people spend their entire life spending days in a house. A lot of us spend years before we finally realize that home is a feeling and not four walls. For some, it’s too late or too difficult to take that step. We have contorted ideas about “comfort”. What’s comfortable for me may be unreasonable for a house mate – the “family”.

Different people, different ideas about freedom.

FREEDOM. Nobody in the world can “give freedom” to me. I was born with it.

I think it’s more important than food for me. Food lets my body live; freedom lets my soul live.

If my soul dies, everything dies. My relationships die, my art dies, my dreams die. Giving up on my freedom is unacceptable, rather impossible. It is my responsibility to make sure I live with it. It is my responsibility to work for my peace and sanity. I will never blame another soul. I believe, we are where we are because of our decisions.

Not deviating. I am home now. I have spent a major part of my life away from home, craving for home, dreaming about home. And today, saying “I am grateful” would be an under statement.

I am amazed that God has been this kind to me.

Just a Thank You post. :)

It only gets better from here.

Another day, another attempt. Another win, and an inch of progress.

I’ve started working out. Not religiously; can only be religious about a thing at a time. Or can I multi-task? There are a few things I’ve been prescribed to do daily, by professionals and my heart as well. For my heart. For my mind.

My friend came over the other day and I see a few videos added under the “workout” list on my YouTube. I’ll pick one and try today. Doing things for my body..okay, I can definitely do that religiously. Something, anything and for however long.

Progress; not perfection. That’s the motto. I am not competing with anybody, I am not doing it to post before-after on Instagram or Twitter, I am doing it to enjoy the beautiful clothes hanging unused in my closet. They are crying to be worn!

I’m also making sure I watch one movie everyday. Just keeps me sane! Watching a Malayalam flick with English subtitles today on Prime Video.

Chalo, will catch up with you in a bit.

The Intern

Be with someone you can talk to. Talk your heart out with. I bitch about him with him, that’s how comfortable I am and his smile encourages me to bark more. He tests my bitch quotient it seems. Hmm.

So it’s that hour of the day again. 4 am. Almost. And I’m writing to you.

I saw a movie today, a beautiful movie. De Niro has always been a favourite, he aced this one as well. It’s a shame Rishi Kapoor passed away, he was supposed to do the Indian version with Deepika Padukone. Would have been fantastic…

The Intern is a sweet story about friendship. Anne Hathaway is this supercool but overworked boss of a successful internet shopping company and De Niro joins the organisation as an intern. Yeah he’s 70. It’s a senior citizen internship program and he gets the job. I LOVED IT.

Anne Hathaway is wonderful..have you seen her episode in Modern Love? She plays a bipolar. And she did it so frikkin well..made me feel she’s actually lived the disorder.

Anyway, coming back to The Intern…if you haven’t seen it, you won’t regret watching this one. It’s how this man from another generation ends up helping this almost millenial superchic boss lady sort her life.

A very simple story and effortless performances.

I saw it with a bad WiFi. Bad WiFi turns me into a bad wife, apparently.

Uff this dependence. Anyway, I think I’ll order a pizza tomorrow. Today. Should I set up a countdown?

I’m so excited.